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Waterproof Sideline Workbox

This case is designed to be a waterproof mobile storage solution for harsh environmental conditions. The drawers are built into a free standing unit then shock isolated from the exterior case to provide an extremely durable road worthy design. The drawers and interior unit are built out of 1/2" marine grade plastic, each drawer features a black powder coated handle and a 3/8" Lexan lid that contains the contents of each drawer when the case is traveling on its wheels.

The exterior is based around a Pelican 0500 transport case. LM created custom adapter plates to accommodate 8" field casters and table legs mounted in the case lid and retain Pelican's waterproof design. The foam that shock mounts the drawers will not retain water or degrade in high moisture environments.

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Locker Room Workbox Portable iPad Sync/Charge Case