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Triple Wide Video Rack w/Custom LED Logo Light Panels

This case was built for Upstage Video. The case features 3 – 20RU tall, 24” deep rack bays. Custom LED logo light panels were built to provide a more impactful presence verses a standard silkscreen. 

The LED light assemblies were built by the LM Cases Custom Integration Department. The LED modules are powered by a custom built supply mounted in a 1RU enclosure. Color, signal, and power are sent to each module via custom built 4 pin XLR cables. Each cable is labeled with heat shrink at both ends to ensure proper connection should the end user need to disconnect a module for service. Additional 4 pin XLR cables were provided as extensions in case the power supply needed to be moved during the rack integration. Each light is designed to operate in a modular fashion allowing one power supply to be used with several light assemblies. The power supply features a foam compartment for remote control storage and a master power switch. The light assemblies are milled out of 1” thick clear Lexan. The LED lights are fitted into a routed track in the Lexan allowing the the logo to be evenly lit at all angles. A male 4 pin XLR jack is mounted in the back of each module to provide signal and power via one connector. The Upstage logo was routed in the Lexan using a ball mill to provide a smoked look ensuring maximum contrast to the clear Lexan. 

The rack section features 3 bays illuminated by LED lights. These lights are also powered by the custom built supply and can be independently controlled from the exterior logo lights. Each rack bay features 20 spaces of height and 24” of depth. Pre-tapped 10/32” rack rail is provided front and rear with ½” recess on the front and 2.5” recess on the rear. 

The case exterior is built out of ½” plywood finished with Hexagrip laminate. The case exterior features 4 integrated top corner handles, 8 deep recessed handles and 6 – 6” casters. 

Special thanks to Upstage Video for a great project! 

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