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Sony Camera Chain Case

This case was designed for AVI-SPL to hold a Sony camera system. The case holds all camera components for rental applications including the camera body, preview monitor, lenses, camera control unit, cable reel and Telex com head set. 

The components are all held in a custom CNC cut foam insert. The bottom of the case features storage for a tripod, cable reel, cable reel stand, viewfinder, 2 Fuginon lenses, Telex head set, and the Sony HSC-100R camera body. The case also features 2 removable trays to hold the balance of the components in the system. The Sony HSCU-300 CCU is held in a custom built rack. The rack is built out of ½” Baltic Birch plywood finished with black texture coating. The rack is stored in a removable tray featuring custom cut foam to securely hold the rack. The additional tray features storage for a field monitor, a hood, and a custom caddy for a Sony RCP-1500 camera controller. The Sony RCP caddy is built out of ½” Baltic Birch and is finished with black texture coating. The caddy also features a vinyl wrapped foam block as a padded palm rest. 

The exterior case is built out of ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The case exterior features a silkscreen of the AVI-SPL logo, stacking caster cups in the lid, 4” Colson casters, deep recessed hardware and OD dims of 45” x 30”. 

Special thanks to AVI-SPL! 

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