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RED Rack: Noise Reducing Production Rack

The LM Cases RED Rack is designed to be the pinnacle portable noise reduction chamber for your studio equipment. With over 2 years of testing and development we are proud to share our RED Rack with you!

We designed the RED Rack with mobile and independent audio engineers in mind. The case interior features a 10 space 30” deep rack shell designed to accommodate rack mounted computers and noisy studio components such as power amplifiers and back up devices. The rack shell features 3 sets of rack rail. Pre-tapped front and rear rails are used for mounting equipment, while the mid rail is designed for cable management. The inner rack shell is foam shock mounted and is deigned for harsh touring transport.

The RED Rack pulls cool air from below the case through filter foam into the equipment section via 4 ultra silent fans. Air flows through the rack section at 872,978.5 cubic inches per minute, which means the air in the equipment section is exhausted and replaced every 1.4 seconds! The fans are controlled via a processor with a color LCD touch screen. The processor independently monitors each fan’s speed and comes with 4 temperature probes that are mounted by the end user. Thresholds can be set by the user to sound an alarm if the internal temperature rises above a pre-determined limit. The cooling system is hardwired to a front mounted power switch allowing the fans to be quickly turned off should ultra silent operation be needed.

The RED Rack was tested in a semi-anechoic chamber at an independent research lab to verify its specifications. The detailed specifications and test results are listed below.

The internal rack shell is completely sealed from the front and rear with 3/8” Lexan doors. Equipment I/O connections are handled by a custom 1RU rack panel below the equipment section. LM Cases Custom Integration department builds each panel custom per order to match the connections on your equipment. The panels are 3/16” black anodized aluminum and laser etched to your specification.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8” plywood and features deep recessed handles, flat triangle corners and 4” Colson casters. The max OD dims are 24.75” x 35” x  34.5” (WDH – includes casters in height measurement)

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