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Printer Workbox w/Rack Section & Custom Bourbon Barrel Laminate

This case was designed for Studio 46 as a portable on-site printing station. The case holds a laser printer on a slide out shelf and features 2 storage drawers and a rack section for equipment. 

The 6RU rack section located above the printer is designed to accommodate a network switch and router. A custom-built LM Tour Systems courtesy power distribution unit was provided to allow users to charge devices and provide power for additional peripherals. The distro unit is 2RU tall, built from 1/8” brushed anodized black aluminum and features a custom white laser etched Studio 46 logo. The distro is loaded with 4 Leviton duplex outlets with USB A & C ports. The rack section also features a Hubbell 4-Plex courtesy outlet bank for equipment. 

The printer is mounted on a HD slide out shelf. The shelf if built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood laminated with bourbon barrel themed Formica. The shelf is mounted on HD Accuride glides and a stainless-steel pull handle. Custom marine grade plastic brackets were created to contour the shape of the printer to keep it in place during transport and use. 

The case features 2 custom drawers. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch laminated with bourbon barrel Formica. The drawers feature divider sets that split them in to four compartments in a “+” pattern. The drawers are mounted on HD Accuride glides and feature stainless steel pull handles. 

The electrical items were installed by the LM Cases Custom Integration department. Power is brought into the case via a retractable 30ft cable reel. The reel is wired to a power conditioner with automatic voltage regulation. In addition to the power items, a custom cable loom containing a locking IEC connector and a Cat6 cable was created to neatly provide power and signal to the printer. 

The case is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with antique bourbon barrel laminate. The hardware set includes deep recessed handles in the case body and slim recessed handles in the lid. The case lid contains heavy duty steel table legs. The back of the case features 2 vented trap doors for the electronics and rack sections. 

Special thanks to Studio 46 for a great project! 

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