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Portable Weight Room Media Center

This system was designed for the Philadelphia Eagles as mixed media playback device for the teams weight room. The system is comprised of a 50" Sony LED TV, KRK studio grade sound system and a Apple TV for wireless communication. 

The TV handles all inputs and outputs of the system allowing novice users to operate the system without training. The LM Cases Custom Integration department built a custom panel that provides central access to all inputs and outputs of the TV. This allows users to plug components into the system with out running wires directly to the TV which allows for a neater appearance. The TV is mounted on a electric lift allowing the TV to be set at different heights. The lift features a hard wired rocker switch for operation as well as a wireless remote control. The panel also contains 6 - USB cables allowing for simultaneous charging of tablets or other USB powered devices. 

Audio is routed through dual KRK full range speakers and dual subwoofers. The full range speakers features a hi-frequeney driver and 8" woofer, the subwoofers feature a 10" speaker. The speakers are individually powered to provide the clearest signal without distortion. Power is handled by a sequencer ensuring that all components are powered on in the correct order to prevent damage during power on/off. A 30' retractable cable reel is mounted internally to provide power to the system without the need to bring an extension cord. 

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood laminated with black ABS plastic and features deep recessed handles and 4" Colson casters. The interior featured individuall foam lined compartments for delicate components to prevent damage when the case is being transported. Also included are 2 drawers mounted on HD Accuride glides for accessories, remotes and other components.

Special thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles for a great project! 

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