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Portable Large Format DIT Workstation

The Portable Large Format DIT Workstation was designed for Angel Valley Media. The LM Cases Custom Integration Dept pre-wired to accept a variety of professional monitors by including Displayport, HDMI and AC Power cables pre installed into the case lid. Power and signal are kept separate; each cable bundle is wrapped in Techflex and finished with heat shrink tubing. All cables are labeled at both ends. The monitor lid is supported by gas springs, which aid in opening the lid and ensuring that it stays open during use. Below the monitors is a dual 4RU rack section, which is primarily designed for preview monitors and any piece of gear less than 6" deep. The rack section is mounted at a 50-degree angle allowing producers to stand behind operators and still have an undistorted view of the rack-mounted components. On each side of the rack section is a bank of 4 USB 3.0 ports with 10' extensions allowing ports from rack-mounted components to be conveniently addressed at the work surface. Also included are 2 duplex AC power outlets with integrated USB charging ports that provide 4 total courtesy USB & power outlets. The dual 4RU rack section features a trap door with 2 recessed vent dishes for quick access to the back of the rack components and USB/power banks. Below the rack section is a 51.75" x 20" pull out work surface, that is made out of 3/4" Baltic Birch and is finished in black texture coating. The work surface features position locks allowing it to be locked into several fixed positions while retracted, this feature is operated by a low profile T-pull handle. Below the retractable work surface are dual 9RU rack sections that include rear rack rail and a rackable depth of 21". The back of rack section is accessed by a removable trap door that features 2 recessed vent dishes and 2 recessed cable hatches. The cable hatches allow cables to be passed through the trap door while it is still closed. The front removable lid features 2 sets of table legs allowing it to be used a massive production table measuring 56.5" x 46". The front lid has 4 slim recessed handles mounted in the sides to aid in removal and moving to its storage location. The exterior case is built of 1/2" plywood and features 6 Colson 4" x 2" casters (3 locking) and 4 deep recessed handles.


Special thanks to Angel Valley Media for a great project! 

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