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Middle Tennessee State Univ. Athletic Trainers Field Workbox

This trunk was designed for Middle Tennessee State University. The trunk is designed to be a field based workstation for the athletic trainers during each game. The trunk features 8 drawers and 32 small plastic bins for storage, each drawer features unique dividers to keep all of the gear organized. Each drawer is either divided in half, or thirds, one drawer features 8 compartments (pictured) while another features 30 dowel rods for tape storage (pictured). The drawers are mounted in a shock mounted inner shell, which allows the inner drawers to remain isolated from the exterior case. This is beneficial when the case is fully loaded, when you pull a case that may weigh over 500lbs loaded by the handle; you can transfer the "flex" of the outer case to the drawer glides and bend them. The isolated design prevents this problem, it also provides a cleaner looking exterior because you cant see any of the rivet holes used for mounting the drawers. The interior case also features a carpet lined storage compartment accessible by a trap door located on the top of the case.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood that is laminated with dark blue ABS. The case rides on 8" field casters and features recessed hardware.

Special thanks to Robbie Stewart and Middle Tennessee State University!

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