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Midas Heritage 2000 Channel Strip Transport Case

This case was designed to carry 4 Midas Heritage 2000 channel cards. The case is designed to hold spare channels on the road and or ship channels out for repair via UPS/FEDEX when needed. The case is lined with 1” anti-static PE foam. A center foam divider keeps the channel cards separated back to front. 2 removable 1” pieces keep the channels separated top to bottom. Each channel is held in a way to prevent the knobs (and therefore the potentiometers) from contacting the foam during transport. The exposed twisted wire loom on the bottom of each channel is also accommodated in the insert so it doesn’t come in contact with the foam. 

The exterior case is built from ¼” plywood laminated with black ABS plywood. The hardware set features a small, recessed handle and 2 small, recessed latches. 

For a project spotlight video on this case, CLICK HERE. 

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