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Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Small Format Fly Pack Case

This fly pack is designed for several applications using the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 as the system centerpiece. Applications include DIT workstations, media servers, and live sound. The case holds the Surface Studio by its base allowing it to be used laying down, and fully extended without removing it from the case. The case contours the unique shape of the monitor and removes any stress on the internal hinging system during shipping. Power is supplied to the case via a LM Tour Systems DSK-T True1 power inlet box and provided 25’ 14awg SJOOW True1 to Edison power cable. A Furman Pluglock is mounted on a soft close glide to provide power for all internal components. The Pluglock is wired to the DSK-T via a locking True1 connector. Power cables are secured in the Pluglock via locking hoops that hold plugs in during transport. 

The computer’s keyboard and mouse are located on a slide out shelf mounted on soft close drawer glides. The keyboard and mouse are stored in CNC cut foam compartments with a marine grade plastic top cap. The top cap provides a protective surface protecting the foam from fraying over time. The top cap also functions as a mouse pad. A 2RU rack section with 20” of depth is provided for processors and other rack mountable equipment. 

The exterior case is built from 3/8” plywood with your choice of ABS laminate colors. The case features 14 deep recessed handles, and rides on 4” Colson HD casters. 

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Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Shipping Case 2RU L5-20 Power Inlet Rack Mount Panel w/WAN Port