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L5-15 Locking Power I/O Panel w/Fiber Jack

This panel was designed to be the main power and I/O point for a workstation using a Midas Pro 2 console. Power is brought in to the system via a Hubbell HBL4716C flanged inlet wired to two duplex outlets on the back. The panel features punches for a Neutrik NO4FDW-A quad fiber connector, 2 Neutrik NE8FDX-P6 connectors and 2 blanks for future expansion. 

The L5-15 flanged inlet was specified due to the inlet’s size. The HBL4716C inlet is the same size as the standard non-locking HBL5278C inlet we normally use. This allows the customer to swap the locking inlet with the traditional non-locking version easily should this be required. LM Tour Systems also provided the traditional “male” plug to “female” L515 power cable – not pictured. 

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