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Klang Fabrik Portable In Ear Monitor Work Station

This workstation is designed to hold the Klang Fabrik processor with all associated Shure Axient in ear components and a Dell touch screen monitor. 

The Dell 24” touchscreen monitor is positioned on a custom articulating mount. The LM Custom Integration department used a slider mounted on an extruded aluminum rail allowing users to move the monitor up and down. A HD quick lock handle is positioned on the slider allowing users to securely lock the monitor in place. The monitor is mounted to a Chief K2W120B articulating mount allowing users to position the monitor left, right, front, and back. 

The work surface below the monitor is laminated with black Formica providing a durable writing surface for plots. A 2U rack section for the Fabrik processor is positioned below the work surface. Rear rails are provided positioned 19” back. 

Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood and mounted on HD Accuride glides. The top drawer features a custom foam insert holding 7 Shure Axient AD2 hand held mics, 2 AD1 lav packs, and 2 P9RA IEM packs. The hand held compartments are spaced to accommodate any Shure capsule. The second drawer holds an additional 5 handhelds and 6 P9RA body packs. The remaining 4 drawers are open for storage. Drawers 3 & 4 feature storage heights of 3.5”, drawer 5 is 5.25” deep, and drawer 6 is 7” tall. All drawers are 16” wide x 18” deep. 

The LM CI department installed a custom power box that features front mounted Powercon In and Out jacks wired to a rear mounted Edison duplex outlet. A Neutrik NE8FDP-B jack is also provided to bring network into the workstation. 

The exterior is built from ½” Baltic birch plywood and finished with black texture coating. A rear mounted access hole is provided should the user decide to require power or additional IO to be shared to the drawers. The workstation rides on 4” Colson casters. 

Special thanks to Gateway Church!  

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