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Event Technicians Workbox

This custom workbox was designed for Panavid. The workbox is designed as a catch all for events holding a variety of parts and pieces for an audio-visual production. 

The case features 7 drawers. The drawers are built into a ½” plywood inner shell that is isolated from the case exterior. Each drawer features the same usable width and depth of 19.25” wide x 20” deep. The top drawer features a 1.75” usable height, the next 3 drawers feature 4” usable heights, the following 2 feature a 6” height with the bottom having an 11.5” usable height. The top 3 drawers feature LM’s movable Tech Dividers. Each divider is built from ¼” black marine grade plastic and features a small finger hole allowing them to be easily moved. The drawers are split in half left to right and can be divided in ½” increments using the Tech Dividers. The remaining 4 drawers are open for general storage. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood, finished with black textured coating and mounted on HD Accuride glides. 

The hinged lid features 5 storage compartments. This storage unit is built from ½” marine grade plastic and features a front fascia with 5 drawers built from 3/8” clear Lexan. Each storage compartment is split into thirds. The front lid is secured with a HD Southco slam latch. The front fascia features a custom ring around each compartment preventing the doors from opening all the way and obstructing the door below. The front lid also features a generic storage compartment below for tape and or aerosol cans. 

The case exterior is built from ½” plywood laminated with charcoal ABS plastic. The exterior features deep recessed hardware, a combination locking recessed latch, and 4 prints of the Panavid silkscreen. The case rides on 4” Colson casters mounted via a ¾” full sized caster board. 

Special thanks to Panavid for a great project! 

For a Project Spotlight video showing the details of this case, CLICK HERE. 

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