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Elation CW Profile HP Ellipsoidal Light Fixture Road Case - 6 Capacity

This case was built for Nvidia. The case is designed to hold 6 Elation CW Profile light fixtures with their clamps attached. Each light compartment features usable dimensions of 10.875” wide x 10.875” deep x 31.75” tall. The lights are held in individual compartments created by a ½” marine grade plastic divider network. 2” Ester foam laminated with .125” thick white HDPE is positioned under each light to provide shock protection for each light. The foam/HDPE combo is soft enough to not damage the gel frame holders. A carpet lined accessory compartment is provided for additional storage.  


The exterior case is built from ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic, with neon green ABS lid strips. All seams are sealed with caulking, with the aluminum lid groove extrusion fitted with a neoprene gasket to prevent moisture from entering the case. The case features 4 deep recessed handles, 4” x 2” Colson casters with a full sized .75” caster board, deep recessed stacking caster wells, flat triangle corners, and recessed lid stays. 2 prints of the 2 color Nvidia silkscreen are located on the front and rear of the case. 

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