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Custom Stackable Econo Trunks

These cases were designed and built for Panavid Inc. The design is based around our standard Econo trunk, the cases employ small recessed caster wells to be used for stacking. The caster wells are reverse mounted as "feet" on the bottom of each case, and mounted in their intended way as "cups" in the lid of each case. This allows the trunks to stack with other cases with casters permanently mounted. The "cup" and "foot" scheme is designed to allow stacking between trunks that do not have casters. We designed a removable 1.5" Birch removable dolly that features stacking cups and Colson 4" casters. The dolly's are coated with our proprietary textured coating to create a very durable yet aesthetically pleasing surface.

The concept of removable caster dolly's allow Panavid extra storage space when stacking the cases in a cargo van because there isn't any wasted space due to casters. It may sound trivial, but a 4" caster adds around 6" to the height of each case; multiply that by 3 cases high and thats an additional 18" of height! The removable caster dolly's also allow Panavid to only take one dolly per 3 or 4 cases, allowing them to save weight.

The cases are built from 3/8" plywood laminated with charcoal ABS plastic. The exterior features a custom silkscreen of the companies logo, the interior is lined with black carpet.

Special thanks to Panavid!

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