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Custom Rutgers Amenities Trunk

This trunk was designed for Kyle Flood the head coach of Rutgers University's football team. The trunk is designed to be used for tail gating at football games and for parties at the family home. The entertainment system is centered around a 50" Sony 4k TV with a studio grade sound system. The cooking appliances include a refrigerator, microwave, grill and a Keurig beverage maker. 

All component specification and installation was handled by the LM Cases Custom Integration department.The Sony 4k TV is mounted on an electric lift that raises the TV out of the trunk and high enough to be viewed by a crowd. The lift can be operated by a remote control fob or a military grade rocker switch located on the power panel. The TV controls all source input switching and volume, all functions of the case are controlled by the standard TV remote allowing it to be very simply operated by non tech saavy users. All TV input connections are centrally mounted on a custom panel allowing the 3 HDMI jacks and RCA analog audio video jacks to be easily accessed on the font of the trunk. Also included is a large master volume knob allowing the loudness of the system to be adjusted quickly if they remote is not readily available. The 4 way sound system features separate drivers for high, mid, low and subsonic frequencies providing audio that is not only loud, but exceptionally clear. The trunk also features a WIFI router allowing the trunk to provide a mobile network wherever it is located. 3 Ethernet jacks are provided for hardwired devices like gaming consoles. A balun is included that allows the router to wirelessly connect to WIFI hot spots and mobile phones providing internet access as long as the user's mobile phone has reception. 

The amenities portion of the trunk includes a microwave, refrigerator, electric grill and Keurig coffee maker. The grill and Keurig are mounted on slide out shelves allowing them to be used outside of the trunk to allow heat to disperse. To hold the grill and Keurig in place during use, custom cut outs that contour the shape of the appliances and accessories were created to recess them into the pull out shelves. 

Power is handled by a custom filtered system that turns on each device individually in a sequence to avoid component damage or "popping" the speakers. Dual 20 amp service powers the appliances and audio visual components separately to avoid noise or damage. Included are 2 - 50' 12awg power cables featuring a standard Edison plug on one end with a locking Powercon connector on the other end. The locking Powercon connector is an industry standard connector that prevents accidental disconnection during use. A custom power distribution unit was built with dual 20amp breakers and nomenclature applying to this system allowing for easy operation. An instruction panel is mounted above the power distribution unit for step by step operation. The case is powered on/off by a large green button on the front of the case. Pressing the button initiates the power sequence, once the sequence is complete a green lights illuminates. 

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The front lids feature table legs allowing them to become service tables during use. The case is mounted on 8" field casters and featured deep recessed hardware. 

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