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Custom Recruiting Trunk w/Removable Trays For Socks & Gloves

This trunk was built for West Virginia University’s football recruiting program. The trunk features 2 removable trays for gloves and socks. Each of the removable trays are designed to hang on the sides of the trunk.

The trunk features 2 removable trays to display socks and gloves. The trays feature usable interior dimensions of 19.75” wide x 18.75” deep x 5.5” tall. The trays feature ¼” marine grade plastic removable dividers that split each tray into 4 compartments. Each compartment is 4.5” wide. 3/8” clear hinged Lexan lids are provided to keep small items contained during transport. Custom plasma cut brackets are provided that allow each of the trays to hang off the sides or front of the trunk during exhibits. 

The bottom of the trunk is open for general storage. The storage compartment features dimensions of 43.5” wide x 21” deep x 14.5” tall. The trunk interior is finished with black texture coating 

The trunk exterior is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with navy blue ABS plastic. The trunk rides on 6” casters and features deep recessed hardware. The trunk also features a yellow silkscreen of the “WV” logo and a custom stencil that says “Recruiting”. 

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