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Custom Portable TV Panel Work Station

This case was built for MIT as a portable work station for a Tricaster system. The case lid features a centered tilting monitor mount allowing the user to supply their own monitor. The main work surface features a slide out shelf for the Tricaster panel. A 17RU rack section is mounted below for equipment storage. Four storage drawers are included next to the rack section. 

The case lid is supported by gas springs to assist in opening and closing, the gas springs also prevent the lid from accidentally closing during use. The lid features a centrally located Chief FTR1U allowing the user to fit their own monitor. The lid has ID dimensions of 33.5” wide x 26.25” tall x 6” deep. 

The main work surface is finished with black Formica laminate. A 31.5” x 16” slide out work surface is mounted on the main work surface. The slide out work surface is also laminated with black Formica. A 17RU rack section is mounted below the work surface. The rack section features 24.25” usable depth between the front and rear rails. A rear mounted trap door allows access to the back of the rack section. Four drawers are mounted next to the rack section vertically. Each drawer is built out of ½’ Baltic Birch plywood and mounted on HD Accuride glides. The drawers feature a usable ID of 9.25” wide x 18.75” deep x 5.75” tall.

The case exterior is built out of 3/8” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The case features deep recessed hardware and rides on 4” Colson casters.

Special thanks to MIT! 

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