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Compact Baseball Dietitian Work Station Trunk For Chicago Cubs

This trunk was designed as a compact solution for the Chicago Cubs. The trunk is designed to travel via a bus bay. 

The trunk features a hinged top, and removable front lid. The top lid features a magnetic white board, a cork board, and a folding storage shelf. The storage shelf is is built from ½” marine grade plastic and is mounted on position control friction hinges. These hinges allow the shelf to remain in any position along a 90-degree plane without the need for straps or additional support. 

The main work surface features 3 removable storage bins. 2 small bins are for the dugout and bullpen. A larger storage bin features a clear Lexan lid with 6 compartments. The bin has removable dividers that allow the user to configure the bin however they would like. The bin is designed to hook onto the sides of the trunk during use to free up space on the work surface. The bin hangers are designed around LM’s aluminum tongue allowing the bin to sit flat and secure against the side of the trunk. A 4 outlet power strip is recessed into the work surface to provide courtesy AC power to users. 

A slide out shelf is provided for the team’s blender. A power inlet box is provided with a dedicated outlet for the blender. Also included is a LM Tour Systems HD 25’ power cable. The inlet box and power cable are heavy duty, tour grade, power products designed for hard usage on the road. All electrical components were installed by the LM Cases Custom Integration department. Two heavy duty drawers are provided for general storage. Each drawer includes removable ½” marine grade plastic dividers.

The exterior case is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with charcoal ABS plastic. The exterior features ¼” marine grade plastic runners allowing the trunk to slide easily in and out of bus bays. The trunk features a custom 3 color silkscreen of the Cubs logo, 3.5” Colson Poly Hi-Tech casters, and deep recessed hardware.

Special thanks to Jordan and the Cubs for a great project! 

For a quick view product video, CLICK HERE.

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