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Coaches Wardrobe Trunk, 18 Capacity With USB Charging Drawer

This trunk was built for Penn State University for coaches who need to dress from the same wardrobe case. The case features a large hanging clothes section with a HD hanging bar. The clothes section features a trap door on the side allowing users to throw dirty clothes in the side of the closed case at the end of an event. Clothes are contained in the hanging section by a heavy duty ¾” thick clear Lexan door. Below the hanging section are 2 heavy duty drawers for storage of socks and undergarments. The left side of the case features 18 storage compartments for folded clothes and shoes. A charging drawer for 10 devices is provided for storage and charging during events. The drawer’s USB outlets are rated to charge most devices including tablets. Power to the case is provided by a retractable 30ft spring loaded power cable on an enclosed reel. The retractable cable allows the case to be easily powered without the need to carry a separate power cable. 

The case exterior is built out of 3/8” plywood laminated with navy blue ABS plastic. The case rides on 8 HD Colson 4” casters with the front 4 locking. 6 Recessed vents provide air flow for the closed case. 

Special thanks to Penn State! 

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