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CoachComm Custom Built Sideline Case For LSU

This case was designed for Coachcomm Inc. to be used in a custom sideline application for LSU. The case features a dual 13 RU shockmounted rack for Coachcomm's communications equipment. The rack features a high output fan, vent, and cable passage for each rack section. The rack also features a custom rear removable panel with the Coachcomm logo to hide component wiring.

Below the rack section are 3 drawers mounted on HD Accuride drawer glides. The top drawer is designed with out a back to allow wires from the charging stations to be routed to the above rack section. The next drawer features 1/4" black plastic dividers creating individual storage compartments for head sets. The final drawer is built around a custom foam insert that holds individual belt packs. The foam inserts in drawer 1 and 3 were custom cut on our CNC saw for this individual application.

The rear case lid doubles as a large table featuring 4 sets of table legs. The front lid has a custom foam insert mounted to allow for additional component storage.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood, and features custom 8" foam filled field casters and silkscreens of the Coachcomm logo.

Here is a link to our Flickr page for photos of the loaded case in Coach Comm's shop: CLICK HERE.

Special thanks to Coachcomm and LSU!

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