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Buffalo Bills Low Profile Athletic Trainers Trunk

This custom athletic trainer’s trunk was designed for the Buffalo Bills. The trunk is designed to hold groups of smaller items in a low-profile format that fits in a bus bay. 

The lid features 2 custom storage units with 5 compartments built from ½” marine grade plastic. Each unit has 3 small and 2 medium compartments. The front of the modular unit is built from 3/8” clear Lexan and has Southco slam latches. The center of the lid features 5 Tilt Lock bins. The lid is assisted by gas springs to aid in opening and closing. The springs also keep the lid in an open position during use.

The main storage section of the trunk features 30 individual compartments that are 9” x 5”. These compartments are protected by two side hinged 3/8” clear Lexan covers. Each Lexan cover utilizes position control hinges to keep the covers in the open position without the need for support hardware. 

Three drawers are included below the main storage section. The drawers are built into a ½” plywood shell that is independent from the exterior case wall. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood, mounted on HD Accuride glides and finished with black textured coating. Each drawer shares a common width and depth of 24.25” x 24” with 2 drawer having a 6.75” height and 1 drawer having a 11.875” height. Access to the drawers is provided by 2 front doors mounted on 270-degree hinges. 

The case exterior is built from ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The exterior features deep recessed hardware and rides on 6 – 4” x 2” HD casters. The back of the case features ½” marine grade plastic runners to protect against abrasion should the case need to be flipped. 

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