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Athletic Trainers Taping Trunk

This case is the pinnacle portable tape trunk for the mobile athletic trainer. The case features a removable front lid that turns into a table that is the same height as the case creating a work surface that is 94″ long! The case and lid are reinforced to support the weight of a player to allow for taping on either or both sides simultaneously. Also included is a blue Armasport 24″ x 72″ x .625″ foam pad to put on the work surface. The pad is designed to hang over the side of the lid or case to provide maximum comfort to the athlete.

The case features 2 removable 20 compartment plastic cases, these are great for small items like bandages, eye wash and cotton swabs. Also included are 4 large plastic bins for the storage of bigger items like cold packs gauze and tape. One tub comes standard with a removable tape spindle. The tape spindle holds 120 rolls of 2″ tape, additional tape spindles can be ordered.

All LM Cases are built per order one at a time, options, sizes and colors can be changed at the time of order.

Portable Athletic Trainers Tape Kit Indoor Sports Storage Cart