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Apple Mac Pro Media Server Kit

This case was designed to hold a 2014 Apple MacPro and non rack mounted components in a simple 6RU package held in a Storm Case. The MacPro is held in a custom mount designed to shock mount the computer within the rack, more on the mount can be found HERE.

The rack holds non rack mounted components such as a audio interface and PCI card chassis in addition to the MacPro. The LM Cases Custom Integration department created custom rack panels to access all of the internal equipment connections and locate them in one central location. The CI department also built a fan panel that can be switched on/off and a Powercon input panel with 6 outlets on the back to power all the internal components. A custom hinged 6RU panel is mounted on the front rails to provide quick access to internal components.

The rack is built out of 1/2" Baltic Birch and is finished with black texture coating. The rack is held in a Storm iM2795 case via a custom CNC cut foam insert. The Storm case features a custom silkscreen of our customers logo. This case is designed as part of a 2 case system, more information on the systems video monitor case can be found HERE.

2014 Apple Mac Pro Mount Kit Portable Audio/Video Workstation Road Case