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Ampeg SVT-CL & 810 Cabinet Cases

These cases were built for the back line division of Mohegan Sun casino. Each case is built out of 3/8" plywood laminated with both neon green and black abs laminates. The cases are designed for both the amp head and the cabinet to "live in" each case, the head remains in its tray and the cabinet remains in its outer case. The portion of the cases that the equipment remains in are laminated with black abs plastic to minimize distraction while the gear is being used on stage. The lids of each case are laminated with neon green abs, to increase visibility to reduce the threat of theft.

The Ampeg 810 cabinet case is designed with the casters mounted on the lid. This helps minimize vibration during a performance by removing the moving parts of the latches from the equation. This also helps Mohegan Sun's back line department store and transport the cases much easier because the cases can now be stacked like traditional trunks. The input panel is accessed by a custom made trap door on the back of the case.

The Ampeg SVT-CL head case is designed to stack on top of the 810 cabinet case by means of mating feet and cups mounted on each case. This allows the head to stay firmly mounted to the cabinet during a performance. Each case features a 1" foam lined interior, deep recessed handles, a Mohegan Sun silkscreen, and a identifying stencil.

The cabinet case features stacking caster wells and 4" Colson casters mounted to partial 3/4" birch caster pads. 

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