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Allen & Heath C3500 Console Road Case - Tour Grade

This heavy-duty flight case is designed for the Allen & Heath C3500 control surface. The surface is held in place during transport via custom CNC cut, non-abrasive, Crosslink foam side blocks. These side blocks match the console’s contours and shape, these prevent it from sliding during transport and loading on console stands. To further keep the console in place, a ¼” marine grade plastic locator is provided to trap the console by its feet to ensure proper mating to the lid foam blocks and doghouse. 

The console is located in a shock mounted, ¾” Baltic birch frame. This frame contains the doghouse an keyboard tray. The doghouse provides 8” of usable depth behind the console for switches, routers, cables and any show control device. The double hinged lid folds back fully, allowing access to the back of the console, and the doghouse. The keyboard shelf is also built from ¾” Baltic birch and is mounted on HD Accuride glides. All interior plywood surfaces feature routed edges and are finished with black texture coating. 

The case exterior is built from ½” plywood, laminated with your choice of ABS plastic colors. The 3 piece design features 18 handles in ergonomic locations allowing crews to load, and flip the console case easily. The case tray features ½” marine grade plastic runners to prevent wear when using console stands. The case rides on 4” Colson casters mounted on a full sized ¾” caster board. 

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