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50 Capacity Covid Testing Kit Package For Touring Crews

This case was designed for Spotlight Medical as a way to transport 50 Accula Covid testers. The case is intended for touring applications where daily testing of large crews is required. 

The case features 5 shelves that hold 10 Accula units each. Each unit is held in a custom-built bracket that holds it during transportation. The brackets hold the unit in such a way that the top door can still be opened. Each bracket has a cut out to hold the testing vial during use. Each unit is wired to a centrally located terminal block located under the drawer. This allows all the units to be powered by a single power source point. Each drawer features a locking True1® connector allowing the drawer to be removed if needed. Per customer request, 2 retractable power cable reels were provided. Each reel features 30’ of cable which eliminates the need to carry additional power cables. 2 reels allow the drawers to be split 3 & 2 between power sources.

The case interior also features an open storage drawer. The drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood, finished with black textured coating and mounted on HD Accuride drawer glides.  

The exterior case is built from ½” plywood laminated with medium blue ABS plastic. The 2 front doors are mounted on 270-degree hinge allowing them to fold flat against the case sides during use without the need to store lids. Each door features a multi-point latch. This allows the door to be operated by a single handle with lock points and the top and bottom of the door. The latches are also lockable. The case rides on HD 4” x 2” casters and features deep recessed handles. 

Special thanks to John and the Spotlight crew! 

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