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3RU Heater Control Rack Mount Panel

This panel is designed to be the master control center for a football heater case. The panel is 3RU tall and built from .125” brushed aluminum. The system has 2 temperature zones controlled by 2 thermostats. Each thermostat is back mounted to the panel via a custom bracket designed to fit into the thermostats DIN rail mount brackets. Standoff’s are provided to firmly mount and secure each thermostat’s temperature probe wire.

A dual position switch is provided for the system’s fan control. The fans can either be controlled via a thermostat, or overridden via the switch. Red and black wires are provided to show the thermostat, and over ride power sources. A humidistat is provided and mounted to monitor the system’s humidity. Two switches are provided to control the system’s desiccant packs and interior lights. These switches are fed from the master breaker and sent to two rear mounted snap in Edison outlets. A courtesy GFCI outlet is provided for additional power output via the front panel. All power is fed from, and protected by a 20 amp hydraulic breaker.    

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