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16 Space Shock Mount Rack w/Table Legs In Front & Rear Lids

This is a modified version of our standard series 16 space shock mount rack with table legs added to each lid built for T-Mobile. 

LM Cases’ standard shock mounted racks are designed with modular systems in mind. Rack heights range from 2U to 20U in the series. Rack heights ranging from 2U – 8U feature stacking feet on the bottom and stacking cups on the top of the case exterior. 10U-20U models feature stacking cups only on the case exterior. These feet and cups allow smaller racks to be stacked interchangeably or stacked on 10U+ cases. 

Each case is built with a white inner rack shell. These high visibility shells allow integrators and show technicians to quickly patch or troubleshoot easily. The rack shells are built from 3/8” plywood with frame mitered U-channel aluminum dressing the front and back. We use our standard 10/32” pre-tapped rack rail which prevents the need to use captive cage nuts. The rails are recessed ½” front and rear allowing for a 19” rail – rail dimension. 

The case exterior is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with your choice of ABS colors. Racks 10U and taller come with 4” casters, with the front 2 casters locking. 

Although many similar looking shock mount racks are available in the industry, LM Cases’ racks are truly a tour grade solution built for daily heavy duty use. 

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