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16 RU Pocket Door Amp Rack

This case was built for the production department at the Kennedy Center. The 16-space rack features an OD depth of 24” x 30”. 

The case interior features an adjustable rack shell allowing front, mid, and rear rail positions to be changed based on the customer’s configuration. The front rail features 6 positions via stud mounts. The mid, and rear rail positions are adjusted via slide tracks allowing these rail sets to be easily used with the rear mounting of equipment. Standard 10/32” pre-tapped rails come standard in the front & rear positions, with the mid position being optional. 

The exterior case is built from ½” plywood laminated with ABS plastic. The hardware set includes stacking caster wells and deep recessed handles. The case rides on 4” x 2” Colson HD casters. 

Special thanks to the Kennedy Center! 

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