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10 RU Recording Outboard Rack

This case is designed to hold rack mounted outboard gear as well as a computer keyboard and mouse, the case will be used in a mobile production environment as well as in a studio. The rack is complementary to our sound isolation rack, where the computer and hard drives are stored in the isolation rack; the mouse, keyboard and monitor are located on the outboard rack. This is beneficial in studios that use mixing consoles, the case can be placed perpendicular to the mixer and allow the user a place to hold their computer monitor, mouse and keyboard; while the isolation rack that holds the computer can be kept at a distance.

The case is built out of 3/8" plywood and feature a foam shock mounted 10RU rack with a 24" deep inner rack shell. The inner shell features front and rear pre tapped rack rail with a dual flange mid cage nut rail. The dual flanged mid rail allows heavy equipment and drawers to be mounted using their rear supports, it also provides an excellent cable management system because wire ties can be easily inserted into the large rack rail mounting holes.

The front and rear of the rack features a custom CNC cut front panel to hide all of the inner workings of the rack and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The pull out tray is built out of 3/4" birch laminated with black formica and is mounted on HD Accuride drawer glides.

The case exterior is based around standard truck pack sizes, the case is 30" corner to corner front to back and 24" corner to corner left to right. The case rides on 4" Colson casters (2 locking + 2 non) and features deep recessed handles.

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