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Portable DIT Monitor Rack Case

This case was built for the Farm League to provide a monitor and controller storage front end to their portable digital image transfer work station. The rack holds a Black Magic 17" Smartview HD monitor on a tilting rack frame allowing multiple view angles. Below the 17" monitor is a Black Magic Smartview Duo dual rack mount preview monitor. A slide out drawer was used to hold a Tangent Element controller. The controller is held in place via custom CNC cut plastic brackets that contour the units shape and secure it allowing the the rack to be tipped and rolled while the controller remains securely mounted. A custom power distribution box built by the LM Cases Custom Integration department is included for split UPS power between this case and its computer case. The power distribution box takes incoming power, routes it to the UPS (not pictured) via Powercon then distributed the UPS secure power to the computer rack. The UPS includes courtesy outlets and breakers. The rack is built out of 1/2" Baltic Birch finished with black texture coating, the rack also features black recessed handles.  

The rack is held in a Pelican iM2975 waterproof case that features a custom CNC cut foam inert to hold the rack. For more information on the computer rack CLICK HERE. The power distribution unit can be purchased from our online store, CLICK HERE for more information. 

Special thanks to the Farm League for a great project! 

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