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Triple Wide Video Flypack Workstation

This case was designed for Ashland University to hold video production equipment for on campus use. The case features 3 - 12RU monitor racks, 3 - 16RU equipment racks and dual work surfaces for controllers and laptops.

The 12RU monitor racks are 16" deep and feature front and rear rack rail with cable passages through all sections. A slide out work surface is mounted in front of the monitor racks as a place to hold controllers. The unit features a multi-point locking mechanism allowing the shelf to be extended in a variety of positions to allow users to work in a sitting or standing position. Below the work surface are 3 - 16RU equipment racks for processors and rack mounted drawers. Each rack bay is 28" deep and features front and rear rail with cable passages through all compartments. The 16RU section features trap door mounted in the rear lid to provide quick access with out removing the rear lid.

The exterior case is built out of 1/2" plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The exterior features 3 removable lids: a fully removable rear lid to access all rack bays, a top lid covering the work station and monitor racks and a bottom lid covering the 16RU processor rack bays. The exterior also has a 24" wide x 26.5" deep pop up side mounted table. The table is built out of 3/4" Baltic birch and is finished with black Formica and T-Mold edging to hide the wood grain. The case rides on 6 - 4" Colson casters.

Special thanks to Ashland University!

Portable Grass Valley Karrera Video Production Work Station Audio Technica 4050 Stereo Pair Mic Case