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Tennessee Titans Athletic Trainer’s Sideline Trunk

This trunk was designed for the Tennessee Titans football athletic training department. The trunk is designed as trunk for general storage. The trunk features 4 drawers built into an isolated inner shell that separates them from the exterior case. Each drawer is built out of ½” Baltic Birch plywood and is mounted on HD Accuride glides. 

The first drawer is split into 3 compartments using ½” marine grade removable plastic dividers. The side compartments measure 7” wide x 18.5” deep. The center compartment measures 10.25” wide x 18.5” deep. Each compartment has 4.5” of usable height.  The drawer has a 3/8” thick clear Lexan hinged lid.  

Drawer 2 features 2 removable tape caddies. Each caddy has 18 spindles that are 4.25” tall. The caddies are built from ½” marine grade plastic and feature integrated handles.  Drawer 3 is split into quadrants measuring 12.375” wide x 10.25” deep x 9” tall. The front left compartment features a lockable storage compartment with a hinged lid.  

Drawer 4 is split into 16 compartments. The drawer features 2 fixed dividers splitting the interior into quadrants. Each quadrant features 2 dividers that are arranged in a “+” pattern, allowing each compartment to be split into 2 or 4. 

The case exterior is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with navy blue ABS plastic. The exterior also features 4 recessed spring loaded D shackles that allow for bags to be hung from the side of the case. The case rides on 8” field casters and has 8 deep recessed handles.         

Special thanks to the Tennessee Titans! 

Tennessee Titans Athletic Trainers Storage Trunk San Diego State Side Line Helmet Repair Tech Work Box