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T1 Power Distribution Unit - True1 Locking

The LM Tour Systems T1 power distribution unit is designed for portable applications where locking power distribution is required. Power is brought into the unit via a front mounted Neutrik True1® inlet. A 20amp hydraulic breaker is wired directly after the inlet, with all outlets being wired post breaker. A combination volt/amp display shows available voltage and the current amp draw from devices connected to the distro. A True1® outlet is located on the front panel allowing multiple distros to be linked together. A LM Tour Systems 4-plex or HD pendant power bank can also be specified for additional outlets. In addition to the True1® outlet, a HD 20amp duplex outlet is also provided on the front of the distro. 

The back of the distro features 3 True1® outlets. These can be used to power devices featuring True1 inlets. Or standard PDU Edison connectors can be swapped with locking True1 connectors. A blank D-Series punch is located on the rear panel for future expansion. 

Don’t forget to add a LM Tour Systems True1® power cable with your new distro! 

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Arri S120C Skypanel Case Projection System True1® / Signal Rack Mount IO Panel