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Sony FW100BZ40J 100” Monitor Road Case

This case is designed to fit a 100” Sony FW100BZ40J monitor. The center of the case features a ¾” Baltic Birch structure to support the monitor. The face of the monitor is protected via non-abrasive 1” Crosslink foam. The monitor is strapped to the center structure allowing the lids to be removed while having the monitor supported. A rear carpet lined accessory compartment is provided for storage. 

The exterior case is built from ½” plywood laminated with charcoal ABS plastic. The case features 3 lids. The top lids are split to make them more manageable. The front lid is designed to allow full access to the bottom of the monitor and its handles. A marine grade plastic lip provides additional support in keeping the monitor in place with the front lid removed. The case features 20 deep recessed handles and 6 – 4” Colson casters. The case features custom prints of the Panavid silkscreen.

Special thanks to Panavid! 

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