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Snap AttackĀ® / Aerial AttackĀ® Transport Trunk

This case is designed to hold either a Snap Attack®, or Aerial Attack® machine. The stock case comes standard with a Sports Attack® brand universal mount post installed. The user has the option to mount their existing machine to the case, or have LM Cases provide the machine for a turn key system. The case features split top lids that fold down to the left and right side of the trunk. Cargo nets are installed allowing footballs to be stored in the folded down lids during use. A slide out shelf built out of HD marine grade plastic is included to store a generator or the upgraded power cable reel. A gas powered generator is option is offered by LM Cases if you desire a turn key system. The case comes standard with a 50’ retractable power cable. This power cable is spring loaded allowing the cable to be quickly extended and retracted. An optional 125’ HD power cable mounted on a HD steel reel is offered for users who require additional length. The upgraded power option featured a 14awg hard usage outdoor rated power cable on an industrial strength steel reel. The trunk features 2 accessory compartments located below the main work surface. These accessory compartments are large enough to store the factory tripod that comes standard with the machine, allowing all factory parts to be stored with the machine at all times. 

The trunk exterior is built out of ½” plywood laminated with your choice of ABS plastic colors. The trunk features 6” HD field casters (all locking) and 16 deep recessed handles. 

LM Cases is a Sports Attack® dealer. CLICK HERE to purchase this trunk from our online store. 

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