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Portable Marching Band PA System Case

This case was designed for the Palen Music Center to provide an on field PA system control case that can be towed on the field with a Gator, ATV or pickup truck for a marching band's half time show. The case is designed around a Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 mixer and has 3 shock mounted racks for equipment storage. 

The case shell is built out of 1/2" plywood and features an internal steel structure to provide rigidity during transport. A custom built hinged A-frame hitch assembly was built by LM to provide a quick connect interface to the towing vehicle. The A-frame hitch assembly is mounted to the case via 2 custom welded brackets and secured via pins allowing it to be removed from the case if needed. In storage, the hitch assembly is raised and secured to the exterior case via a custom welded bracket and a removable safety pin. The case rides on 6 - 8" field casters; 4 swivel 360 degrees while 2 remain fixed for easy towing.

The Presonus Studiolive console is centered in the top work surface and is held in position via 2 side rails that contour the console, yet still allow airflow. The top work surface is built out of 1/2" Marine Grade plastic and features 3 cable passages allowing access to the 3 shock mount rack sections below. Each rack section is 36" deep and features front & rear rack rail. 

Special thanks to the Palen Music Center for a great project! 

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