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Locker Room Supply Trunk

This locker room supply trunk is designed to be a convenient storage solution and workstation for a variety of applications. The truck can easily be used for equipment managers and athletic trainers alike. 

The trunk features 12 cubby compartments in the lid. The back end of the structure is built from ½” marine grade plastic. The front fascia with the doors is built from ¼” clear Lexan plastic. Each compartment features a HD Southco latch. 

The main work surface is built from ½” white marine grade plastic for a high contrast between the surface and any parts being worked on. The surface is illuminated with a full color, LED wash light. The light can change colors to best fit the user’s environment. White light can be used for normal situations, red or blue light can be used to not ruin the user’s night vision. The light can be operated via a switch or a remote control. 

A variety of power options are available for the work surface. The power module is based around the LM Tour System 2U configurable power outlet panel. The module contains the switch for the LED wash light, in addition to 4 USB A and 4 USB C charging ports and 4 AC power outlets. 2 locking Powercon jacks are provided for additional power options. A 4-plex courtesy outlet bank is provided for an additional 4 outlets for a total of 8. Power to the trunk is handled by a 30ft retractable cable reel. The spring-loaded reel allows power to fed to the trunk without the need for the user to carry an additional power cable. 

3 storage drawers are provided below the work surface. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood, mounted on HD Accuride glides and finished with black texture coating. 2 of the drawers all feature 2 removable ½” marine grade plastic dividers splitting them into 3 sections. The top drawer features 3 dividers, splitting into 4 compartments. 2 removable 15 dowel tape caddies are also provided. Each caddy features 15 dowels that are 9” tall designed around 2” tape rolls. 

The trunk exterior is built from ½” plywood laminated with your choice of ABS plastic colors. The top lid is supported with gas springs to aid in opening and closing. The springs also keep the lid open during use. The front 2 doors feature 270-degree hinge that allow them to fold flat against the side of the trunk during use. The trunk rides on HD 4” x 2” casters and features deep recessed hardware. 


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