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L21-30 3 Phase Testing Distribution Panel

This custom power test panel is designed to split 3 phase power via a L21-30 connector into a variety of output connectors. The intended purpose is providing a central power source to allowing different systems to be electrified and tested before leaving a rental/integration shop. 

Input power is delivered via a locking L21-30 connector providing 3 hot, a neutral and a ground to the distribution box. Each phase is fed to an individual hydraulic breaker labeled X, Y, and Z. The top row of 120v connectors are a L5-15, L5-20, and L5-30 output connectors. The middle row of connectors provides multi-phase outputs of L6-30, L14-30, L21-30. In addition to the twist lock connectors, Neutrik Powercon and True1 outputs are provided for audio visual applications. 5 cam outputs are also provided for testing larger systems. 

The enclosure is built from .125” thick black anodized aluminum and is 6RU in height.  

14” Deep Shallow Standard Series Rack - Non Shock Mounted Radial HDI Active Direct Box Carrying Case