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Imperial Trading Custom Power Distro Rack

This case was designed for Imperial Trading to simultaneously power 150 of their Acer Iconia tablets at trade shows. The distro was built by the LM Cases Custom Integration department  to distribute 2 - 20 amp input lines and provide power to 16 outlets on the rear of the rack unit. When the laptops aren't charging, the rear outlets can be switched off and the power can be routed to the front 4 blue outlets to power their booth. The outlets are very high quality Hubbell outlets and color coded, the red outlets are for laptops and the blue outlets are for the booth.

Above the power distro is a custom laser etched instruction panel providing very simple to understand directions on how to use the distro so that even novice users can operate the gear with out a problem.

The distro is mounted in a 3RU 1/4" ATA rack which is held in a larger server rack case (that blog post is coming soon!). The rack features oversized lids for storage of the LM provided 12AWG feeder cables.

Special thanks to Imperial Trading!

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