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Deluxe Coaches Trunk w/Phone Charging Drawer

This trunk was designed for Middle Tennessee State University. The trunk features a hanging clothes section to allow clean clothes to be hung on the way to a game, the  compartment also features an external trap door and an internal 3/8" Lexan door allowing coaches to toss dirty clothes into the side of the case without the need for the case to be open.

The drawer under the hanging clothes section was designed by our Custom Integration department as a way to hold valuables and charge coaches phones. The drawer features 20 compartments with individual custom printed bags to hold phones, wallets and misc items. A 6 USB port charging panel connected to 12w chargers to provide quick charging during the game. The drawer can remain closed and locked with the items charging. 

The left side of the trunk features 15 cubbie compartments allowing the trunk to work in tandem with another identical trunk to dress 30 coaches. 

The exterior of the trunk is built out of 3/8" plywood and features custom Middle Tennessee silkscreens.

Special thanks to Middle Tennessee State University! 

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