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Pelican 1550 Live Sound Microphone Case

This case was designed to fit several "standards" in the mic world for sound and rental companies to use for small to medium sized events. The foam insert features 6 rectangular compartments that easily fit the ball of a Shure SM58. The compartments are also deep enough that you can double up mics in each compartment (eg...2 SM58's will fit in each compartment), the deep compartments also allow for storage of square or odd shaped mics like the Sennheiser e609.

The insert also features 2 large front compartments for larger mics such a Shure Beta52 or an AKG D112. These compartments can also fit a myriad of drum mics with their clips such as the Sennheiser e604, and most direct boxes.

The insert comes installed in a Pelican 1550 case which will protect your mics against the weather and your crew who forgot to put the mic case under the tarp at that last outdoor festival! These cases are perfect for A/V rental industry, just load em up and ship them UPS! Custom inserts are available, cases and inserts made in the USA!

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