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Compact Guitar Tech Case For Fly Dates

This case is designed for the touring guitar tech who needs a smaller workbox for fly dates and smaller venues. The case features a ½” black marine grade plastic deck piece. The deck includes 2 fold outs designed to expand the work surface and hold the guitar in place by its body and neck. Each of the fold outs are mounted via position control hinges. These hinges perform in the same way as a laptop screen allowing the fold outs to be mounted at any angle along a 90-degree plane. The neck support features rubber bushings arranged in a “V” to allow the gripping of any neck shape. The body support features a piece of purple crushed velvet foam and a “V” shaped piece of ½” marine grade plastic to lock the guitar in place via the strap button. 

2 accessory compartments are located below the main deck of the case. Each compartment features a purple crushed velvet wrapped piece of foam. The lid features a Think Tank® organizer with zipped compartments for small parts. A 1/8” thick HD rubber mat is included to go under the case when it is in use. The rubber mat is custom cut to match the shape and dimensions of the case and prevents the case from sliding or moving on an uneven surface. The SKB case is waterproof and features casters and a telescoping handle.  


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