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Compact Athletic Trainers Trunk

This case is designed with the portable athletic trainer in mind. The case is small enough to be transported in a personal vehicle and large enough to carry the gear that a portable athletic trainer needs.

The case is built out of our proprietary 3/8" composite panels which do not contain any organic matter. This means that you can rest this case on a wet field or leave it out in the rain and the panels will not rot or warp like a traditional plywood panel. The interior of the case is coated with textured black coating to not only provide a durable work surface, it also provides an aesthetically pleasing interior.

We built in 8 pop out bins with 3 divided compartments each for small items like asprin, bandages and gauze. The main body of the case features 3 large removable plastic bins for items like braces, hot packs and tape. The bottom bin comes with a removable tape caddy that can hold 120 rolls of 2" tape.

The case features a telescoping extendable handle and 3" inboard dolly casters for maximum portability. The case was designed with bus packing in mind and can be transported upright or on its back, the exterior features 8 deep recessed handles to allow easy handling in either position.

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GLP Volkslicht 6 Capacity ATA Case 2012 Signature Amenities Case