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Carlson Audio Mobile Pro Tools Recording Flypack

This case was designed for Carlson Audio Systems as a portable recording fly pack. The case features a 27" Apple Cinema Display monitor mounted on an articulating mount on a position control board. The case also features storage for 2 Yamaha HS10 monitors, Apple MacPro tower and a 10 space shock mounted rack section.

The monitor uses a combination of two mounts: The first is a position control board - The position control board uses stationary hinges allowing you to set your monitor at any angle from 0 - 90 degrees. The hinges work in the same manner as a laptop screen, allowing adjustability for the most comfortable viewing angle. The second mount allows the monitor to be pulled away from the position control board and justified to the left, center, or right. The mount also allows for the monitor to be spun 360 degrees. Below the monitor is a slide out shelf for a keyboard and track ball mouse. 

The case stores the Apple MacPro tower in a 2" foam lined compartment which provides shock protection during transport. The compartment also features venting allowing the computer to be used in the case with out overheating. The bottom of the case also has storage for 2 Yamaha HS10 monitors and a 10RU shock mounted rack for peripherals. 

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood with Silver ABS laminate and features 4" Colson casters, international shipping silkscreens and recessed hardware. The installation of the monitor, mount, and power strip was handled by the in house LM Cases Custom Integration Dept.


Special thanks to Carlson Audio for a great project! 

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