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Black Magic URSA Broadcast G2 Camera Chain Case

This case was designed to hold a complete camera chain based around a Black Magic URSA Broadcast G2 camera with an attached Fuginon lens. The equipment list includes a Sachtler tripod, with attached camera head and removable dolly. Also included is the URSA Studio Viewfinder in a separate compartment. The focus cable is held in the removable tray via custom notches in the divider network. This allows the cable to remain in a specific compartment to prevent damage. The focus and zoom controllers are held in individual compartments in the removable tray. 

The exterior case is built from ¾” Baltic Birch finished with black texture coating. All hardware features a custom in set routed channel to achieve a “double recessed” effect. Black hardware and fasteners are used throughout the case. HD 4” x 2” Colson casters are provided. Exterior dims are 44” x 30”. 


For a detailed project spotlight video on this case, CLICK HERE. 

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