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4 Space Fly Rack w/Pelican 1620 Case

This 4RU portable flypack is designed portable fly dates in mind. The removable rack shell is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood. The rack is finished with black textured coating and features 2 deep recessed black handles and large rubber feet. Pre-tapped, 10/32” rack rail is provided at the front & rear positions. 2 rail recess options are provided at ½” and 1”. These recess options allow you to have rail-to-rail depths of 13” - 11”. A custom CNC cut PE foam insert protects the rack with 2” foam at all points. 2” are left open at the front and rear of the rack for any cables or protruding equipment. An accessory compartment is provided under the rack shell for storage. 

In addition to storage under the rack shell, a separate larger accessory compartment is provided as well. The exterior case is an industry standard Pelican 1620, which features wheels and a retractable pull handle. The flypack can be shipped via commercial air and is perfect for fly dates.    


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