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12 Space Double Wide Shock Mount Pocket Door Rack

This case features 2 – 12RU shock mounted rack sections. It is designed around a 48” x 30” truck pack allowing it to be a half pack in a 96” truck and a third pack in a 90” truck. The case can be used as a stand for a FOH or monitor console, a system processing workstation, or a dedicated RF rack. The case features 2 pocket style doors covering the front of each rack section. The doors are mounted on HD glides that allow each door to slide into the sides of the case. The back of the case features a fully removable rear lid with an integrated hinged trap door. The rear lid can be removed to allow full access when loading the rack. The rear lid is designed to stay closed during use. The rear trap door is vented and hinged to provide quick access to all interior equipment. The inner rack shells feature adjustable front, mid and rear rack rail mounting points. The rack features 20” in depth from the front rails to the rear rails. There is 2.5” of clearance between the inside of the front lid to the front rails, and 4.25” of clearance between the rear rails and the rear lid. The exterior case is built from ½” plywood laminated with your choice of ABS plastic laminate colors. The case features 6 deep recessed handles, 3 vent dishes and 4” x 2” Colson HD Encore casters mounted on a full ¾” plywood wheel pad. The front 2 casters are locking. 


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Ice Hockey Video Fly Pack Editing/Streaming System Case 10 Space Flat Panel Shock Mount Rack With Top Lid Storage